Zulfikar Aleksandri di Ramkamhaeng, Bangkok, Thailand

Zulfikar Aleksandri, akrab disapa Zul atau Alex, punya latar belakang Teknologi Informasi setelah lulus S1 Ilmu Komputer Universitas Brawijaya, saat ini fokus ke dunia travel dan tourism.

Hello there, welcome to Alex On The Road! I’m Alex. I grew up travelling, but started doing so seriously when I turned 20’s. Since then I have travelled through Indonesia, ASEAN, and Asia. Sometimes, I’ve backpacked through Thailand, Indochina, also Eastern Indonesia as well.

Aktif menulis blog mulai tahun 2008an dan mulai tahun 2012 mulai full time di traveling dan bekerja di salah satu perusahaan travel nasional. Aktif menulis artikel tentang destinasi wisata di media cetak dan online, mengisi talkshow dan forum diskusi seputar traveling.

I travel full time as a travel blogger, travel consultant, travel guide, as well as freelance travel writer. I love travel, languages and all things foreign. I enjoy talking to strangers and getting to know their stories, using smiles and gestures when words fail, sharing new foods with people I’ve just met, strolling local food markets, and getting lost down narrow streets.

Sumba dan Flores adalah dua destinasi favorit Nusantara, sedangkan Thailand, Vietnam, dan Filipina adalah tiga negara favorit untuk backpacking Asia Tenggara.

Alex On The Road is a dynamic and fast growing travel blog geared towards young independent travellers, backpackers, flashpackers, and first time travellers. The site features destinations from around Southeast Asia, travel stories, photo essays, videos and travel tips.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments, just say hello, need travel advice on a place I’m familiar with, or are interested in advertising and travel writing.

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